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Tag: universe

What Makes A Dead Galaxy?

Galaxies are dynamic systems that continually accrete gas and convert some of it into stars. They ‘quench’ their star formation and continually change their morphology, or shape. They are mainly two sorts - half are alive and half are dead galaxies. Alive galaxies are gas-rich galaxies getting a supply of fresh hydrogen gas from the cosmic web. As this gas…

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Space Junk Needs Our Attention

As of 2013 , there are more than 170 million objects smaller than 1 cm in orbit around our planet. About 670,000 objects range between 1 to 10 cm, while about 29,000 larger debris are also circling the Earth. That's a lot of space junk. Fortunately, space is big. Or so we've thought. Soon, space junk will be a bigger problem…

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WTF Is The Goldilocks Principle?

Of course you've wondered how the earth is the only planet that supports life in a universe of unfathomable size. Of course, many also argue that we simply haven't found evidence of extraterrestrial life, and the lack of said evidence doesn't kill the possibility of such life. In fact, many may also mathematically point out to…

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Goodbye Cassini

It's been 19 years and 8 months since the launch of the two-part unmanned robotic spacecraft Cassini-Huygens that was sent to know more about Saturn, the sixth planet in our solar system. Cassini is the fourth space probe to Saturn, but the first-ever spacecraft to achieve orbit of the planet. Cassini, which has served as an encyclopaedia…

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