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The Science of Stress, And Its Effects

Stress is a common word these days. With challenging economic scenarios and a dwindling work-life balance, it is unsurprising that our generation is facing more stress than our ancestors. Despite this, the science of stress remains poorly understood by most of the global population. Stress comes in different shapes, but its effects are obvious to…

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Benefits of a Good Night’s Sleep

It’s a universally acknowledged fact that sleeping is good for you. Even without knowing its health benefits or what harm a lack of proper sleep can do, we all know that if we don’t get enough sleep, we feel terrible. We’re cranky, and there are those ugly dark circles under our eyes and if it’s…

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Are generic drugs the right choice?

In April 2017, a notification issued by the Indian Government mandated physicians to prescribe generic names of drugs instead of their brand names. This created a worrisome situation for the doctors. Doctors believe that in the case of serious and chronic illness, a patient will not receive full medicinal benefits when they opt for drugs by their generic names.…

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The Many Theories On What Makes People Dream

“Dreams are more real than that of reality itself”, said Nobel prize winner Gao Xingjian once. Someone could possibly attain his full potential in dreams as he is closer to self-enabling himself to achieve a positive vibe. There are some other scientific explanations as well. People, at a certain time in the night may experience some heavenly and fascinating…

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The Science Behind Empathy

Empathy is a building block of one’s emotional intelligence, and is unique to humans, much like morals. Unlike its most close contender word sympathy, it does not stop with 'feeling for' someone. More accurately, it refers to 'feeling with' someone- their needs, concerns, and also the attitude towards the present situation. What is Empathy? Empathy Scientists categorise empathy…

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sexual attraction

The Science Behind Sexual Attraction

You've likely felt attracted to some people particularly more than the others. You've also likely not understood the rationale for such feelings. Why do some people tend to intimidate you in a way when no one else does? A number of predetermined forces come to work together when you make the choice of whom you desire to…

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So, What Causes Cancer?

In films, nowadays, cancer is most famous for killing off the lead characters. Its use is extensive owing to its exotic, elite and esoteric sound and presence. However, the real victims know that cancer is more than what is glamorously portrayed in films. “You-know-what” is a representative of death, pain, and sorrow. This article takes…

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