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Tag: biology

How Did Whales Evolve?

Whales are sociable, air-breathing animals - mammals - that nurse their young with their milk and provide exceptional care and instruction in the early stages of life. Many hold the opinion that whales are extraordinary, and for a good reason. They have an almost otherworldly quality. Many individuals find that interacting with whales improves their…

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Do Synesthetes make better musicians?

Imagine seeing numbers and letters as colors even though they are printed in black. Imagine music and voices triggering a swirl of moving coloured shapes, in which words and names fill your mouth with unusual flavors. This isn't upcoming cutting edge technology. This has always been possible. We're talking about synesthesia and those who experience…

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Are generic drugs the right choice?

In April 2017, a notification issued by the Indian Government mandated physicians to prescribe generic names of drugs instead of their brand names. This created a worrisome situation for the doctors. Doctors believe that in the case of serious and chronic illness, a patient will not receive full medicinal benefits when they opt for drugs by their generic names.…

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The Evolution of Human Morality

From the beginning of the 20th century, researchers on non-human primates like chimpanzees and orangutangs have shown us that they are capable of many things that are considered completely human. For instance - empathising, making tools and forming friendships. But perhaps not morality. Humans however, can do more than just create and feel emotions. We have language, laws,…

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Doomsday vaults: Humanity’s plan B

On the Arctic Tundra in Svalbard, Norway, between Oslo and the North Pole, there are neither gardens nor trees. However, deep within this isolated surface lies the largest concentration of agricultural diversity of the world. The ‘Global Seed Vault’ headed by an American agriculturalist Cary Fowler heads this international effort with a team of experts…

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So, What Causes Cancer?

In films, nowadays, cancer is most famous for killing off the lead characters. Its use is extensive owing to its exotic, elite and esoteric sound and presence. However, the real victims know that cancer is more than what is glamorously portrayed in films. “You-know-what” is a representative of death, pain, and sorrow. This article takes…

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A Noob’s Guide to CRISPR

Imagine being able to eliminate cancer cells from a patient's body altogether, or grooming bigger cows that give you double the meat (or milk). Imagine curing blindness. Thanks to the CRISPR revolution, all this and more, is now possible. CRISPR is a segment present in the genetic code of prokaryotic organisms. Humans have eukaryotic cells…

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The Science Behind Ecstasy

Drugs - psychoactive ones, specifically - alter how the central nervous systems of their consumers function. These drugs are illegal or restricted in most countries; but users continue to rise each year globally. Many of them are considered non-therapeutic and widely used for recreational purpose – hence are often abused. Some common psychoactive drugs include cocaine, ephedrine,…

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Where Are The Medical Nanorobots?

Some of the brilliant science technology tools being developed today have found admirers in science fiction and superhero universe for a long time. They are used liberally in this world of heroes well before they make an actual appearance in the world of men. Sometimes, these tools are just around the corner. Take for instance the…

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