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Moderna mRNA Vaccine
Can mRNA Vaccine by Moderna Treat Cancer?
Why is there no vaccine for cancer like other diseases? A lot of people have always wondered why thousands of people suffering from cancer could not be treated with a vaccine. Many multinational medical companies have been doing research to develop a vaccine for cancer for decades. Now, Moderna has become an exceptional medical ally…
Satellite Constellation
What are Satellite Constellations?
Satellite constellations are a cluster of similar artificial satellites, by type and function, designed to operate in similar and complementary orbits for a shared purpose, under shared control.  How are Satellites used in Astronomy? These constellations are used for a variety of purposes like navigation and geodesy, satellite telephony, or Earth Observation. A mega-constellation is…
Exoplanets: World Beyond Our Solar System
What is an Exoplanet? Outer space has intrigued astronomers and scientists for decades. However, a subject that has particularly garnered attention is exoplanets. Exoplanets can be defined as any planet beyond our solar system. These include both planets that orbit other stars, as well as other free-floating exoplanets, called rogue planets (read our guide to…
How Did Whales Evolve?
Whales are sociable, air-breathing animals - mammals - that nurse their young with their milk and provide exceptional care and instruction in the early stages of life. Many hold the opinion that whales are extraordinary, and for a good reason. They have an almost otherworldly quality. Many individuals find that interacting with whales improves their…

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