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Nuclear waste

Where Does All The Nuclear Waste Go?

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  • harold wisdom
    Posted January 24, 2018 at 8:57 pm

    perhaps it could be harvested soon and loaded aboad an long range rocket and sent unto rogue stars and new born worlds with an atmospere of which needs to split atoms to repair itself with and the metalic alloy barrels would supply iron steel alloys of which become air born and are sent through the new worlds lava magma and metamophic rock fisher crack system as an filler alike lode gold and other versions is here with the earth and its spent fuel is good to feed its early staged plant and microbial life of which produce air gases oxygen being one of such and the split atoms will help stabiize its atmosphere as it pushes upward and outward much as it did apon our earth in the past yet because those systems have no solar sun keep the atoms and planet warm it will need additives to produce green house effects and the world has an supply of such atomic waiste it would remain in constent supply and even longer slow burn rockets could deliver the material at impact opening the barrels automatic designed correctly my future genisis 2 earth science project would provide atomic waiste companies an cheap way to defend earth and provide managment an alternitive to current storage knowing this material is what those planets need and my right to ask such of companies equipted to ship such things via modern rockets and also have p.h.d equipted scientist to offer insight as to which new star and or world to aim for with in the near future asisting the second genisis project along in the process viaa the scientific method and it is trial and error getting its big dipper nad little dipper split pea soup mixture and its additives correct via our nasa and other companies and universities enviromental sciences specialists imput along the journey.thus this may aswer the question as to what to do with such things question.

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