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A Brief History of Time Travel

We measure time with the help of clocks and calendars - which are artificial constructs we've put up. But how do we know time exists? How can we say for sure that time is passing by? Say, it did actually exist. When did the Universe’s clocks start ticking? It is generally accepted that the concept of time…

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The Fifth Fundamental Force

The universe is replete with mysteries we have never heard of. Ranging from our very own planet Earth to the stars in the sky, every object of creation has a question mark. This amazing fact that human beings know so less carves out a path for new discoveries which have become a part and parcel of…

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The hype behind Quantum Entanglement

The framework of modern physics largely rests on two pillars, namely General Relativity (which is celebrating its centenary this year), and Quantum Mechanics. Albert Einstein not only formulated the theory of relativity but was also one of the pioneers in the development of Quantum Theory. However, it is worth noting that Einstein had his reservations…

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