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Doomsday vaults: Humanity’s plan B

On the Arctic Tundra in Svalbard, Norway, between Oslo and the North Pole, there are neither gardens nor trees. However, deep within this isolated surface lies the largest concentration of agricultural diversity of the world. The ‘Global Seed Vault’ headed by an American agriculturalist Cary Fowler heads this international effort with a team of experts…

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How We Will Colonize Mars

Exploration is embedded in our very DNA. We venture out into unresolved scientific territories, to demystify mysteries, and to open our minds to unimaginable realities. But most of all, we do it because we crave exploration. We always have! About 200,000 years ago, the first modern humans originated in Africa. Before long, they began venturing into unchartered…

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Bringing Back Space Culture

Ask anyone in their mid 30s to 50s what they thought of the future while growing up - space colonies, orbital vacations and a Mars base will likely figure on most lists. These were the expectations a generation growing up in the 60s and 70s had. What happened? Half a century after the…

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