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Tag: brain

The Science Behind Empathy

Empathy is a building block of one’s emotional intelligence, and is unique to humans, much like morals. Unlike its most close contender word sympathy, it does not stop with 'feeling for' someone. More accurately, it refers to 'feeling with' someone- their needs, concerns, and also the attitude towards the present situation. What is Empathy? Empathy Scientists categorise empathy…

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The Global Consciousness Project

Ever felt someone watching you from behind? Ever experienced gut feelings so strong they end up coming true? Can we perceive the future before it actually happens? Most researchers term this feeling or pre-knowledge of an occurrence as the ‘Sixth Sense’. Premonition, they call it. In order to better elucidate the concept, it is necessary to delve…

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The Science Behind Sleep

We spend about a third of our lives in slumber. Before advances in neuroscience and biology, it was believed that a sleeping person is a passive, dormant being. Now we know that our body, especially our brains work over-time during our sleeping phase, furiously making and breaking neural connections. Sleeping is not just an act of retreat and rest but physical and mental restoration as well. Advancements in science have brought in brain scanning, virtual imaging and other tools to better understand the phenomenon of sleep.

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