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The obvious connection between 3D Printing and Space Colonization


  • Robert Smith
    Posted June 24, 2016 at 11:48 pm

    Dr. O’Neill and the research organization that he founded (The Space Studies Institute) was and is definitely involved with 3-D printing technologies before they got the common name. We began funding research and promoting the concepts far back in our history. Just one such article from our research newsletter shows this, but searching our member site will show others (try the words additive or incre ). I hope that you allow links because I have one right here:
    Another thing to note is that while 3-D printing is now all the rage, another thing that came out of the early SSI research on it (you could say 3-D printing truly came out of this instead) is Nanotechnology. The indirect father of that, without meaning to be, was O’Neill’s and SSI second president Freeman Dyson’s friend Richard Feynman with his talk “There’s Room At The Bottom” which had in it’s audience an MIT Grad Student named K. Eric Drexler )generally referred to as the original and continued driving force for Nanotech and the man who actually coined the term. Drexler was O’Neill’s grad student and is the guy with the little goatee that is seen in many pictures of O’Neill with the Mass-Driver that avoids the high launch costs for getting all of the mass for large structures to space. Drexler, taking the need for in-situ Space Manufacturing assembly to it’s extreme thought ‘can we just use what is there at it’s more fundamental form and build from true scratch?’ When you think about it, that is the true goal for 3-D printing.
    And it came from the need for space.
    I hope you will approve this comment with the link I provided. If you have to cut the link, just tell folsk that they can visit SSS dot ORG and do a site search for “additive fabrication” or “incre” to start seeing where much of this started. It was to make big things out of little things. It has always been and likely will always be a core part of the engineering behind The High Frontier.
    Robert Smith

  • André Jolivet
    Posted May 29, 2017 at 9:10 pm

    @3D_Genuity Omg this is concentrate of bullshit. Pure form, not diluted.

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