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How far are we from Nanobots?

Before we address the aforementioned question, let’s first try to answer this question and understand where we stand in the field of Nanotechnology. Let’s begin with what is Nanotechnology and why do we need to understand and focus on this. Well… to begin with Nanotechnology is an emerging field of science dealing with substances or…

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15 Interesting Facts About Mars

Mars is undeniably our most famous celestial object. The red planet is a constant center of attention for both scientists and space enthusiasts. A major reason this is so is because of the planet's striking similarities with Earth. While we've sent a lot of robots to Mars to learn more, someday, humans too will set foot…

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Project Exobiotanica: Plants Into Space

  Exploring the farther reaches of space has always been one of the biggest fantasies for mankind. While astronauts like Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin have experience what lies beyond the earth's limits, common folk like us still fantasize about it in our dreams. EVER WONDERED WHEN INTERSTELLAR TRAVEL WILL BE ACHIEVED? READ UP HERE AND HERE!   Most people believe that humans…

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Are Aliens Watching Us? (Part Two)

We covered mind-boggling Fermi Paradox in the first part of this article. If you haven't read it yet, check it out here before we start off. Now that you all know what the Fermi Paradox is, check out these whacked out solutions to why our planet isn’t swarming with alien life…yet. 1. Aliens prefer their own kind! –…

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When Will We Go Interstellar – Part 2

So in the first part, we discussed upon the various Types of civilisations that might exist in the universe. We concluded with the various types of propulsion systems that might be needed to achieve the particular Type. Here, we discuss the types of propulsion systems, and delve into the concept of wormholes. Also Read: Alternatives to Living…

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When Will We Go Interstellar – Part 1

While discussing the probability of interstellar travel, there exists a “giggle factor”, basically signifying how many scientists scoff upon the idea of travelling light years to reach other stars. In fact, according to Einstein’s Theory of Special Relativity, no usable information can travel faster than light locally, and hence it would take centuries to millennia…

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