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The Evolution of Human Morality

From the beginning of the 20th century, researchers on non-human primates like chimpanzees and orangutangs have shown us that they are capable of many things that are considered completely human. For instance - empathising, making tools and forming friendships. But perhaps not morality. Humans however, can do more than just create and feel emotions. We have language, laws,…

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Doomsday vaults: Humanity’s plan B

On the Arctic Tundra in Svalbard, Norway, between Oslo and the North Pole, there are neither gardens nor trees. However, deep within this isolated surface lies the largest concentration of agricultural diversity of the world. The ‘Global Seed Vault’ headed by an American agriculturalist Cary Fowler heads this international effort with a team of experts…

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India needs Hyperloop (One)

We've discussed the Hyperloop extensively in the past. The broadband of transportation was 'open-sourced' by Elon Musk, allowing multiple companies to compete for the same technology. Hyperloop One is one of them, and it is set to redefine commute for Indians by bringing it to the country. Quick Recap Hyperloop is an altogether new 'mode' of…

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A Brief History of Time Travel

We measure time with the help of clocks and calendars - which are artificial constructs we've put up. But how do we know time exists? How can we say for sure that time is passing by? Say, it did actually exist. When did the Universe’s clocks start ticking? It is generally accepted that the concept of time…

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A Brief History Of Life

What we see in the night sky is a tiny part of the infinite universe. With the discovery of the Earth being around the planet to the invention of nuclear weapons, numerous theories have come up now and then as of how did the universe, the Earth, and most importantly how did we come into…

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