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Benefits of a Good Night’s Sleep

It’s a universally acknowledged fact that sleeping is good for you. Even without knowing its health benefits or what harm a lack of proper sleep can do, we all know that if we don’t get enough sleep, we feel terrible. We’re cranky, and there are those ugly dark circles under our eyes and if it’s…

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China’s Second (Artificial) Moon

As the world strives to meet power demands with increasingly strained global resources, the Chinese government is seeking relief in an artificial moon. Its plan to launch a satellite to illuminate the sky that began in 2013 is one of the most ambitious projects that has been declared in the National Mass Innovation and Entrepreneurship…

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Insurtech Is Taking Over

Insurance is an old player in the market. The industry has expanded into a multibillion-dollar business across the globe. With the increase in awareness among the masses, the insurance sector has consistently witnessed exponential growth for quite a while. But there has been next to little technological advancement to accompany this expansion. After years of…

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