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The Chinese Have A New Alien Hunting Telescope


  • Abraka Dabra
    Posted December 19, 2016 at 6:14 am

    A bit hypocritic, isn’t it? “With poverty taking a turn for worse every second, shouldn’t the money be invested in the welfare of the poor?”
    How about United States spending some money on their homeless people, who are living under bridges and in subways? US is spending more money on military than ALL the countries in the world COMBINED. Yes, including Russia and China. They spend enormous amount of money on the weaponry.

    But don’t have enough money for universal healthcare. Only a few countries in the world don’t have universal healthcare. Mostly in Africa. Also, in the US there’s 0 (yes, zero) days mandatory maternity leave. Can you imagine that? Even the poor African countries have at least 1 month. In Europe between 6 and 18 months of paid maternity leave. But United States has zero guaranteed paid days. How about reducing the costs for military and NASA while having so many homeless people, and people without healthcare?

    What about India? Where the poverty is 10x worse than in China, and yet they spend money on sending Mars orbiters. How about reducing the space program and helping the children who die of hunger in India? So, please, stop being such a hypocrite.

    Science is important. I actually support Indian space program. Technology is important for any country. Don’t be jealous that China is a world leader in many tech areas. They always were. Many things we use today were invented thousands of years ago in China. They had a hard period, but now they are coming back to their standard position, earned by hard work and dedication.

    • Nivetha Sivasamy
      Posted December 21, 2016 at 5:42 am

      Thank you for leaving a comment.
      The objective of the article was to bring into fore the next step in technological advancement in China. But, like all things, curiosity also comes with a price. It was in no way intended to put down or undermine China’s efforts. Reiterating, science is important, but one pays a humongous price for pursuing it. Whether the efforts are worth the money or not wholly hinges upon its outcomes.

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