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Satellite Constellation

What are Satellite Constellations?

Satellite constellations are a cluster of similar artificial satellites, by type and function, designed to operate in similar and complementary orbits for a shared purpose, under shared control.  How are Satellites used in Astronomy? These constellations are used for a variety of purposes like navigation and geodesy, satellite telephony, or Earth Observation. A mega-constellation is…

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constellations and asterisms

A Complete Guide to Constellations and Asterisms

Celestial bodies are always an object of awe and mesmerisation. The stars and sky are an endless span of mystery that many geniuses together unravel. Let’s delve deeper into this interesting subject and learn more about constellations and asterisms.  What are constellations and asterisms? The International Astronomical Union has recognised 88-star patterns as constellations. Technically,…

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black holes

The Recipe For A Black Hole

The universe is an awe-inspiring place. It has been a matter of scrupulous perusal and research. One of the most intriguing parts of the universe is the concept of black holes. The study of black holes dates back to the 18th century. However, major advances in the study of black holes were only made in…

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Seven Earth Sized Planets Discovered

A recent announcement by NASA has lit up cosmology circles. Seven earth-sized exoplanets have been discovered, making it the largest discovery of such objects so far. Of course, the new find has (again) raised hopes of finding life beyond our planet, even though such detection is probably impossible in our lifetimes. What is an Exoplanet? Exoplanets are…

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What Makes A Dead Galaxy?

Galaxies are dynamic systems that continually accrete gas and convert some of it into stars. They ‘quench’ their star formation and continually change their morphology, or shape. They are mainly two sorts - half are alive and half are dead galaxies. Alive galaxies are gas-rich galaxies getting a supply of fresh hydrogen gas from the cosmic web. As this gas…

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