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India needs Hyperloop (One)

We've discussed the Hyperloop extensively in the past. The broadband of transportation was 'open-sourced' by Elon Musk, allowing multiple companies to compete for the same technology. Hyperloop One is one of them, and it is set to redefine commute for Indians by bringing it to the country. Quick Recap Hyperloop is an altogether new 'mode' of…

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The Rise and Rise of SolarCity

There seem to be two pillars that form the structure of rapid development: Technology and Human Skill. It is evident that these driving forces need a catalyst to facilitate smart and sustainable development. The catalyst being energy, is widely consumed. This consumption increases at a rate of 2.1% every year. Energy resources have evolved over time…

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Why Can’t We Have Electric Rockets?

Humans have mostly depended on chemical combustion to power most of their transportation needs. From motorcycles to airplanes and especially rockets, we generally depend on energy from chemical fuels to cause motion. The enormous amounts of fuels we use are of course, causing pollution. The issues aren't just limited to environmental reasons in the case…

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