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Chandrayaan Missions: Exploring the Moon’s Mysteries with ISRO’s Lunar Probes

Exploring a Cosmic Odyssey: What are Chandrayaan Missions? The Chandrayaan missions, made by India's space agency, the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO), aim to unravel mysteries within the moon's cratered landscapes, deepen our understanding of lunar geology, and expand human knowledge about the origins and evolution of our solar system.  Over the years, these Chandrayaan…

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volcanoes in space

Volcanoes in Space: Exploring Extraterrestrial Eruptions on Other Planets 

Throughout human history, volcanoes have captured our imagination, both as awe-inspiring natural phenomena and as potent geological forces shaping our planet. But beyond human history, they’ve been important characteristics in history too.  Fiery volcanic eruptions, molten lava flows, and ash-laden skies have impacted Earth's landscape and ecosystems. Yet, the allure of volcanism is not limited…

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Terraforming Planets

The Pros and Cons of Terraforming Planets

The Definition of Terraforming Planets: What Does Terraforming Mean? Terraforming planets- the process of modifying the conditions of a planet to make it habitable for humans, has long captivated the imagination of scientists, science fiction writers, and space enthusiasts.  With the growing interest in space exploration and the potential for future planet colonization, the concept…

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Future of space tourism

The Future of Space Tourism

Dennis Tito, an American businessman became the first private individual to pay for his own trip into space in 2001. He paid $20 million to Russia to fly aboard a Soyuz spacecraft and spend a week aboard the International Space Station (ISS). In other words - he was the pioneer of space tourism as we…

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