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How To Make Your Own Solar Panel

174 petawatts (PW) of energy, in the form of solar radiation, hits our atmosphere. Almost one-third of this is reflected into space. The rest, 3,850,000 Exajoules(1EJ=1000000000000000000 J) every year, is absorbed by the atmosphere, clouds, oceans and land – one hour of insolation is the equivalent to more than the world’s energy consumption for an…

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How Do Solar Sails Work?

As environment enthusiasts urge capitalists across the globe to take steps to combat the problems due to climate change, solar sails are quietly emerging as the future of the aerospace industry. Essentially reflective sheets that harness solar energy, solar cells save fuel and can also provide manoeuvrability to the spaceships of the future.  The concept…

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The hype behind Quantum Entanglement

The framework of modern physics largely rests on two pillars, namely General Relativity (which is celebrating its centenary this year), and Quantum Mechanics. Albert Einstein not only formulated the theory of relativity but was also one of the pioneers in the development of Quantum Theory. However, it is worth noting that Einstein had his reservations…

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